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Wondering how it all works?

You can book our sessions on weekdays or weekends. For most outdoor sessions I recommend starting first thing in the morning at 8.30am or later in the day, near sunset (depending on the season). These times of day give us the best natural light. When you’re ready to book your session, contact for availability.

Preparing for your session

Choose location for outdoor session

First, you’ll need to choose your location. Parks, beaches or woods are nice choices. Ultimately, it’s up to you and where you and your dog(s) will be most comfortable and, most importantly, safe.


To prepare, I recommend a quick grooming prior to the session to ensure your dog is looking the best. It doesn’t have to be professional – just a quick brushing, cleaning the eyes, trimming the nails. If your dog is prone to tear or beard stains, definitely try to clean those up ahead of time.

Let the dogs out

It’s helpful to take your dog for a 30-minute walk about an hour prior to the session. It’s also a good idea to feed him or her a little less than normal before the shoot – when a dog is a little hungry, he or she will be more inclined to behave well for treats!

What to bring with you for outdoor  ?

Water bowl & bottle (in hot season), leash (the thinner the better), favourite treats or small squeaky toy or other favourite toys. Your dog’s safety during this session is my priority. You must be present for the entire duration of the session. If you have concerns about your dog being off leash during the session, please use the leash. However, if you plan to do so, I recommend a thin style of leash, as it will be less noticeable and easier to remove in post-processing.


Primary focus of this session is your four-legged friend, I absolutely welcome you to join in for some of the shots. Even if you don’t wish to be included, do be mindful of what you wear as you will likely appear (at least in part) in some of the images. It is better to choose pastel colours and avoid bright ones.

What is Model/Property release?

I also require a signed Contract & Model/Property release before your session. This is a legal release signed by you granting me permission to publish the photographs from your session. As a photographer, it’s important to be able to share examples of my work.

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